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Re: What's in it for you?

Author:Jonathan Eisenzopf
Posted:10/29/1999; 10:27:34 AM
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>the ability to say that you make some of the coolest software.
Is it wrong to be proud of one's accomplishments within reason? How often do you see a software developer talk, sometimes positively, about competator's products?

>to express your views by showing how powerful frontier and the userland community can be.
Sure. But he also let's others post their views (think Zope).

>to promote frontiers power via this website and it's features.
Well, it is Dave's Web site after all.

>selling software.
Hmm, I haven't heard too many sales pitches that were worthless and annoying.

Ha. You're funny. Ignorant too it seems. You see, all of Daves big competators that I can think of start at around $30k.

A wise man once taught me that you should not think more highly of yourself that you ought. To some, Dave's ideas are insightful and honest; to others, his comments might seem arrogant and egotistical.

The fact that Dave makes an effort to share a part of his time and his ideas proves to me that he is motivated by something other than his own personal gain. You can argue that it's all just a part of his goal to become the SuperDave of the universe; but hey, that's fine with me because the benefits for the community are the same.


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