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Re: RSS Spec -- Date Associated w/Entry?

Author:Bryant Durrell
Posted:10/31/1999; 4:40:11 PM
Topic:RSS Spec -- Date Associated w/Entry?
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I'm not recommending seconds since the epoch because it's a UNIX standard, I'm recommending it because it's very easy to use -- specifically, it makes it very easy to determine if an entry is more than (say) 24 hours old. That's fairly handy! On the flip side, it's not quite so easy to take the string "Thu, 08 Jul 1999 07:00:00 GMT" and determine how many hours have passed since that moment...

I believe that it is somewhat easier to produce such a string from seconds since the epoch than it is to go the other way around.

However, as I mentioned, I'm more than willing to hear how Windows and the Mac do this. Let's make the decision based on the merits, not based on the OS, huh? I only mentioned that I was inspired by UNIX because I wanted to be open about my influences, not because I think that it must be correct because it's the UNIX way.

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