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Re: Help: How to make logbrowser show day's worth of hits?

Author:David Carter-Tod
Posted:11/3/1999; 7:03:17 AM
Topic:Help: How to make logbrowser show day's worth of hits?
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mainResponder.log.browser is a little complicated, but the relevant lines are:

local (adrlog = log.getGuestSubTable ("mainResponder"));

This gets the address of the log table for mainresponder

local (i, j, adrhourtable, adritem, sizelog = sizeof (adrlog^), ixlog, sizehourtable);

Notice that "sizelog" is the size of the log table for mainresponder, i.e. the number of hour tables in mainresponder log. It's used to get the last one, i.e. the most recent.

adrhourtable = @adrlog^ [sizelog] //generate for the most recent hour

Then the script gets the size of that most recent hour's table and subsequently iterates through it.

What you need to do is iterate through every hour table in the mainresponder log table and every item in every hour table.

find this line

adrhourtable = @adrlog^ [sizelog] //generate for the most recent hour

You're going to need a loop here, so replace it with

for x = 1 to sizeLog

then everything down to the bolded commented section should be indented with that (because it's being wrapped in the for loop).

I have this script if you need it.

Make sense?


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