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Re: Frontier support confusion

Posted:11/3/1999; 4:18:05 PM
Topic:Help: How to make logbrowser show day's worth of hits?
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Fredrik Lundh writes: > did you read the "policy" page? (look to the left)

Cool. I just read the policy page. I understand the separation between the two discussion groups now. Thanks for showing me.

I think the main reason why I confused both DG's as one is because when I perform a search for previous tech support postings at, the postings show up in the form of:$xx

Since all of the past tech support answers (which have been very good so far) are displayed in the domain, I thought that current tech support can be reached through the same place.

Maybe you can direct the new Frontier user to the proper place by placing a message on the Search page: "For current tech support, please post your questions to"


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