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Yosemite (was Re: Day Without Weblogs)

Author:Dan Lyke
Posted:11/15/1999; 7:36:08 PM
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Welcome back, how was Yosemite?
Straying way far afield of the usual topics of this discussion board...

Yosemite was awesome, as always. A laid back trip, I took a Yosemite virgin along with me, so we wandered up the mist trail and back down the John Muir, spent some time bumming around the Merced amongst the Aspens, and clambered on the granite above Tenaya lake. I was asleep on a log, so missed the coyote, but saw the wolf that crossed our path. The tent cabin was... bracing, the Ahwanee for dinner had its usual mix of snooty and friendly and made me think I was anywhere but northern California. And we didn't get harassed by the bears.

If there was a disappointment it was that the weather was too clear for good photography, but that just vindicated my decision to only carry 35mm gear.

A reminder that I need to get into the Sierra far more often. I'm a mountains and trees country boy at heart, this near-the-city living wears on my soul in a way that I only realize when I get back to the outdoors.

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