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Re: Acronyms are subjective...

Author:Sam Yates
Posted:12/14/1999; 1:34:55 PM
Topic:Charlie Wood Opts Out
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It's funny how people's perspective/interests/life experience affects their interpretation of stuff.

Being something of a classic muscle car fan, when I see the letters "SS" I think more along the lines of "Super Sport" than of any secret police. (Of course Story Server would be way, way down the list of other possibilities I would probably come up with first).

Regardless, I suppose you could take nearly any product name and come up with some offensive connotation (one of the reasons why companies have to spend millions to come up with names like Pentium and Athlon).

For instance (this never would have occured to me without thinking about it), Frontier might be considered an offensive term by Native Americans. Clearly it's a big stretch, and even more clearly it's not something Dave or Userland would ever intentionally use to offend people. I don't remember who said/wrote it, but these kind of things remind me of the quote "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence." (Pardon my paraphrasing if that's not an exact quote).

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