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Re: Charlie Wood Opts Out

Author:David Anderson
Posted:12/14/1999; 7:16:10 PM
Topic:Charlie Wood Opts Out
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Here in Montana, we're trying rid ourselves of the "squaw" word, a term that is extremely offensive to Native Americans. The word means cunt.

We have S* peak, S* valley, etc. I was born here and have hiked many of these places, unaware of the derogatory nature of their names.

A name was just that, a noun without connotation.

I agree that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but I think words often have meanings outside of our own small village.

While I think Dave's reaching a bit in equating Story Server with the Nazi SS, I'm perhaps more willing to listen to his argument than I was when I was younger.

As an aside, I'd like all you new IPO people to think about your role in life when you're skiing in that offensively named place in Idaho this winter.

Best, David

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