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Re: My.Userland and relative image src links

Author:Jason Levine
Posted:1/4/2000; 3:01:19 PM
Topic:My.Userland and relative image src links
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It's not just images, it's ANY self-referential link on the home page. So, my link today to the referrers functionality also is munged by My.Userland.

Nonetheless, I don't have to accept that My.Userland will munge them, since the XML that it's parsing is XML generated by my machine. So I can just edit my getScriptingNewsXML script, or just put a new one in my #tools table and change the xml/scriptingNewsXML object from a script which calls the officially-sanctioned Userland one to a call to my version. This is what I've done for the fix that I just documented on Discuss for a ling tag case requirement that was being enforced by the getScriptingNewsXML that didn't need to be there.


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