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Re: Now it makes more sense
Posted:1/11/2000; 9:52:19 AM
Topic:Now it makes more sense
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AFIK MSIE5 is not a monolithic app. The Mac development seems pretty independant, or at least that the impression I get from public pronouncements. So no synchronization between IE5/wintel and IE5/mac. But then you know that this would be the case, as both MS and Apple seem to be more interested in supporting platform distinctions (despite the touting of the MAC team advances over previous version of wintel software--see office97/98/2000 or ie4.0/4.5/5.0--mac development always lags behind despite the cash 'cowness' of macoffice) rather than strict w3c standards.

what seem to be missing from the discussion is the fact that these features are not platform specific, but browser specific--that is just for IE5/wintel. How do adoption rates of browsers( figure into this decision? Do everyone need to tech-up to IE5.X to play with 'pike'?

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