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Re: My opinion of OS X

Author:Oliver Breidenbach
Posted:1/14/2000; 4:31:01 AM
Topic:My opinion of OS X
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Mike, did you play with Mac OS X already?

I did not and from devising from the screenshots, you seem to be right about some things. However, it seems that a good lot of what you are talking about is mere speculation.

(I hope this forum is not too inappropriate for this discussion. If so, Dave may send me an email...)

I´ve always had some complaints about the multiple window system, most notably that drag and drop does not work when you did not arrange the windows properly before you used it. The single window mode in conjunction with the dock could actually be quite usefull IF it where possible to do drag and drop from one window to the other using the dock for navigation and selection of the target window.

When Steve was talking about how folders and windows where a nice idea, I was hoping they would introduce a new system to keep track of your files, which would be to have an infinite number of attributes attached to them which you could use to classify a file. So the path would not be C:/user/local/bin/dev/myfiles/aproject/includes/file.h but rather myproject/clienta/sources/includes/file.h and at the same time includes/clienta/sources/myproject/file.h and it wouldn´t matter where the file resides. Also if I would open directory "includes" it would have all include files of all clients of all projects in it. A rather more powerful model.

Steve Jobs might be a bright person, but I wonder why he doesn´t get the message. Twice he stressed the browser view already in a key note an both times people responded with icy silence. This means, clearly Mac people don´t like it and it is more a concession to former NeXT ideas than anything else



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