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Phone.Com (Unwired Planet) has their own patents

Author:Lawrence Lee
Posted:1/19/2000; 2:26:03 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 1/19/00
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US5809415: Method and architecture for an interactive two-way data communication network

"A two-way data communication device such as a data ready cellular telephone, a two-way pager, or a telephone communicates via a two-way data communication network with a server computer on a computer network that has an interface to the two-way data communication network, i.e, is coupled to the two-way data communication network."


They have about 3-4 patents and their prospectus mentions 56 pending patents.

WAP Forum's position in a patent mess
"Access Essential Intellectual Property held by any other Member on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms"


Both Phone.Com and Geoworks are members of the Forum.

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