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Re: (imagine manila+flash)

Author:Chris Blackall
Posted:2/2/2000; 3:38:55 AM (imagine manila+flash)
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I just joined up moonfruit and had a play. Wow.

I think these people are really onto something. I can now see why Andrew thinks that the SVG/XML/DOM alliance is going to be huge. Linking the power of Frontier (and other web-application development environments) to programable vector graphics formats is a pretty mind-blowing proposition

The site gives no clue to how its all done at the back-end. Any ideas?

At this stage I think the user interface and management is a bit too complicated and cute, but it has some interesting features that could be studied for future Manila upgrades - particularly how value-added services, such as discussion groups, can be 'plugged-in' and managed. Then again, I think the designers may have lifted more than a few idea's from Manila. Manila is certainly a far much more efficient and elegant 'writing tool'. And, let's not forget, there's no irritating aninmated advertisments to distract the user like there are on moonfruit. Don't need no plug-ins either.

The service is a bit slow here in Australia (admittedly even from behind a university campus network) and it would be hopeless on older computers, however I can see these sort of high-bandwidth, all-singing-all-dancing vector-based services coming into their own with the wider introduction of ASDL etc. - whose progress, I might add, is painfully slow here.

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