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Re: system.paths and guest databases

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:2/3/2000; 11:58:52 AM
Topic:system.paths and guest databases
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GDBs are a fine idea, but there should be a way to avoid calls like thisismysite.["#tools"].myScript.

If you want to call a #tools table script from within page text, just do {myScript ()}. (Add parameters as needed.)

If you want to call a script from within another script, do this:

local (pta = html.getPageTableAddress)
local (s)
s = pta^.tools^.myScript ()

There's almost never a need to make a call like thisismysite.["#tools"].myScript -- unless you're calling a script in a site other than the one that's being rendered. In that case, you should consider putting that script somewhere else, such as user.html.macros.

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