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Re: scriptingNews outline for 2/19/00

Author:Karl Martino
Posted:2/19/2000; 9:37:21 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/19/00
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No one actually gets hurt by what someone else says about them. The hurt is self-induced. These are just little ones and zeros on a magnetic surface being transmitted by EMF or something like that. There's no actual matter being moved here. No real danger.

I need to partially disagree.

From one perspective; Why are there slander laws? What you say, can hurt. It can hurt reputation. Brands are built on people's perceived notions of reputation.

From another perspective; Personally, I realize how we react to what is said to us is under our control. Between stimulus and response, we have the freedom to choose. That is the essence of proactivity.

Many people, however, do not feel this way. They blame the stimulus directly for their response and forget their freedom to choose. Emotion can hurt.

From Time Shadow;

From another perspective; If you can form real friendships that are purely cyber (which I have a horrible inability to do - probably a good thing too), then almost definitely you can be hurt by those little ones and zeroes - or more accurately - the emotions you attach to them.

BTW, this has been a huge week around here from my view. I really like ManilaExpress and the Search engine is just about perfect! I posted to my website that you are practicing the Scripting News tagline. Thanks!

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