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Re: Building on Linux

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:2/21/2000; 12:16:57 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/16/00
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Yeah, I have to say that I thought about Mac OS X on Linux but recently think that it makes little sense. BSD is equally as flexible and Linux and generally more mature - it just lacks the hype. Given that Apple isn't reinventing much in the Mach/BSD layers and the portability in Cocoa's roots, it would seem that Mac OS X on BSD would be a great way for Apple to develop an OS that is easily moved from platform to platform.

What does Linux really have to offer technologically? I can see the marketing angle, certainly... Aside from marketshare and support, what's the difference between Eazel and Aqua? Eazel will likely have the marketshare from users, Aqua the support from developers (MS and Adobe are pretty big guns...)

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