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Re: Something positive people can do

Author:Nick Sweeney
Posted:2/28/2000; 12:59:20 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 2/27/00
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Also, something positive people can do. Create an intellectual property database like IBM's that documents unpatented prior art, so that lawyers defending against patent suits will be as well-armed as those on the other side.

A great idea: but any database has to be absolutely tied to the existing patents themselves to be an effective legal defence. Otherwise, you get dragged into having to define the technologies that products demonstrated, rather than just citing them as examples of prior art.

How about thinking of each patent as a Manila story, where you get to see prior art as the "discussion" when you click on the cow-skull, together with commentary from the people who suggest them? A counterpunch for each blow issued by the Patent Office...

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