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Re: Nielsen's nuts -- differentiated pricing is happening

Author:Samuel Reynolds
Posted:3/6/2000; 3:12:33 PM
Topic:Nielsen's nuts -- differentiated pricing is happening
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Why not have a free web site with ads and a subscription-only site without ads? Actually, you'd probably have to offer a subscription for something besides just the web sites-advertisements, but obviously you could thrown in the "no ads on the site" as an inducement

Some free web-hosting sites do this now. You get a website hosted for free as long as you can put up with their choice of ads and such. But for a small monthly fee, you can have your site on their server without the cruft.

I suspect the subscription fee for viewing a site would have to be *very* low to get people to pay for it in preference to seeing the ads (which many people no longer notice, anyway).

- Sam

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