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Re: Looking for examples

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/26/2000; 7:00:07 AM
Topic:Looking for examples
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David, thanks for posting this here.

UserLand is one of those companies.

For months I had been trying to get my guys to do their own weblogs, and then when they finally did, I started seeing things posted there that used to only be on our internal discussion group. Quite a shock, I had to say to myself "you wanted them to do this" quite a few times to get calm about it.

Now it's a normal part of our workflow. They have become popular weblogs among our users, and this allows us to cover more territory, things I might not put on Scripting News make it onto their sites, and even better, I learn more about what my company is doing by reading their site. In the end it works because I trust these guys, and of course, they are worthy of the trust. is Brent Simmons' weblog and is Andre Radke's.

Another note, now when hiring someone new I prefer if they already have a weblog, like Jake Savin, who we just hired:

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