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RE: DaveNet...thank you for it.

Author:Ken Kennedy
Posted:3/29/2000; 4:35:34 PM
Topic:DaveNet on Hiatus
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Now the next conversation will go like this.

"I read DaveNet all the time."

"I stopped doing it two years ago."

"I think you should write about that in DaveNet."

HA!! Tres amusing, Dave...and the scary thing, it WILL probably happen if you stop...*grin*

But I digress. Wowzers. No DaveNet. That'd be a definite change in my life. 'Cause I read them. You grok the Net like few others I know, Dave. You, John Udell, Tim O'Reilly, ESR, RMS, Doc Searls (all the Cluetrain folks, actually.)...I'm sure I'm missing a few. But the point is; some people get it, and some people don't. A LOT don't. And you do. And personally, I feel it comes through most strongly in DaveNet.

Don't get me wrong; I respect your decision either way, and I even believe I understand it. Heck, maybe it IS time for a change. But I, for one, will feel a loss. I don't always agree with you (though way more often than not! *grin*), but I always feel that your opinion, your voice, is something to consider, to chew on, to ponder. DaveNet makes me think.

I will admit, I usually read the Web "version" now; it's there when I want to poke my head in and check it out. Regardless of the format, though, I like your thought-out essays; they certainly have their place alongside the "check this out" pointer-type SN post.

Well, I'm rambling a bit at this point. Personally, I hope to keep seeing DaveNet, in some incarnation or another, but regardless, SN is and will be in my "most often reviewed" URL list. So thanks, Dave. Thanks for all the past DaveNets that made me think, and thanks for future ones if they happen. Your insight is a rare and wonderful thing.



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