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Re: Giants Fans

Author:Jeff Cheney
Posted:4/2/2000; 9:08:33 PM
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I don't think Giants fans are wimpy. I think they're still in shock from not freezing to death before the end of the game...

After all they did throw back every Yankees home run. Things got kind of ugly in the bleachers when one guy tried to keep a Yankee home run ball. Eventually he threw it back.

I'm an adopted Giants fan—I've only lived here for two years. I grew up in Colorado, where we didn't have a Major League team. We had to make due with minor league teams like the Denver Zephyrs, and the Colorado Springs Sky Sox. The Rockies (baseball) didn't arrive until after I left the state and I moved to Manhattan...

While living in Manhattan I did attend several Yankees games. PacBell is pretty good for public transportation, but I think "the house that Ruth built" has it beat with three separate subway lines.

I've also been to Oriole Park at Camden Yards. It's definitely on par with PacBell Park.

I've never been to Coors Field, but I hear that it's similar. The Quark crowd used to hang out at a dive called the Skyline Cafe. At the time it was in the middle of a warehouse district. Now it's just a couple of blocks from the stadium!

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