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SOAP on a rope

Author:David Valentine
Posted:4/10/2000; 9:36:48 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/10/2000
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You are running up against a general mistrust of Microsoft. It says one thing, it does another. It's a big company, and you cannot always expect it to be in sync, but even today you have notes about why MS might be mistrusted. MSIE 5.5/Win did not strive to achieve the most standards compliant browser. MSIE 5/Mac has.

About SOAP. Yes, it's open. Yes, you helped develop it. Yes, there are other people using it. But do OS vendors really need to support it? Do they need another piece of code in the OS space, when it's really looks like it's in the web space?

It's another tool. It's a versital tool. But it needs more demo apps. Simple demo apps. Things with open 'c' code that can be ported.

XML-RPC is a youngster, it's got a while to go. The web started with text, then inline graphics, then clickable graphics with get. Then it exploded, with cgi's. The biggest thing about the web was that the backends were open, or at least you could plug in a cgi script, and that the front ends generally support the same features. XML-RPC will need do the same.

On the web, I initally called it wrong. I went with gopher and wais. Too much work to author html.

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