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Re: Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)

Author:Jeremy Bowers
Posted:4/12/2000; 10:15:05 AM
Topic:Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)
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What problem? Don't there already exist solutions for legitimately finding files you want? Isn't the only purpose of Gnutella to share pirated ripped DVDs and pornography?

IMHO, I think Gnutella's capability is identical to the Internet in every way, which is the main reason I'm not really getting excited. Gnutella doesn't cross any new lines as far as I'm concerned.

While the current incarnation of the software isn't useful for much more then what you say, the protocol itself can be adapted to do anything the Web can do... even RPC, if you were so inclined. Distributed RPC would in some sense be more interesting in this style... the first to answer gets to do it. (Whether or not you trust them is a different story.)

But, why bother? Gnutella's capabilities are identical to the Internet, and I'm not convinced that you gain anything for the bandwidth price you will pay (even in an optimized environment).

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