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Re: Ethical issues surrounding Gnutella

Author:Donald W. Larson
Posted:4/12/2000; 10:37:50 AM
Topic:Ethical issues surrounding Gnutella
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The core of the problem/opportunity: Distribution costs are approaching zero for the first time in history, and that's rocking the boat pretty hard.

Most of your paragraphs answer the core of my questions. It's the rocking the boat perspective that made me write the extreme examples, provoking reactions to the same extent.

You're not really making any sense, you're just wildly flailing about the issue without really saying anything and annoying people in the process.

I agree I could have been more precise in what I was thinking. But, you figured it out. :-)

I have no intention of studying copyright law. I wanted to determine if someone could make definitive arguments in light of enabling technology with respect towards the preservation of copyrights. You did so. I also agree with your perspective and always have with respect of what would be considered a violation of such copyrights.

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