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Re: Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)

Author:Hal O'Brien
Posted:4/12/2000; 3:28:01 PM
Topic:Why you don't want Gnutella (at least not yet)
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That's a odd response coming from a journalist, Jacob.

The purpose is to allow the transmission of any data in a way that can't be stopped.

Consider the use of Gnutella, FreeNet, et al., to allow whistle blowers to deliver documents to outside sources in a secure, non-traceable environment.

It's not what Bruce Schneier at would call a "deniable file system"... But it's pretty darned close.

Sexual images may be what's transmitted at first, yes... But that's been true of every medium since cave paintings. Try not to live up to Tom Wolfe's characterization of The Press as a "proper Victorian gent".

-- Hal

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