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Re: WWW9: Amsterdam

Author:Karl Dubost
Posted:5/10/2000; 2:58:26 PM
Topic:WWW9: Tips on what to see? Avoid?
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Amsterdam is a very beautiful city, with many canals. There are many places to eat in the streets, small restaurant with dutch speciality. I have organized since 4 years, one trip minimum by year.

There's cliché too! The Red Light Street that you could really avoid. Not good for women respect and a place only for tourists. There are Coffe Shop to buy marijuana, hashish and mild drugs. Only if you are an amateur.

But Amsterdam is also the city of Van Gogh Museum. If you're an american, you must absolutely not miss it even if you don't like very much Van Gogh. The Painting's colors are fabulous and you're very surprised by paintings you're used to see in books and magazine like Sunflowers.
You must see the Rijkmuseum, this is the royal museum and you will discover the dutch painters : Rembrandt, Vermeer, ...
You could also take a visit to the Anne Franck House. Anne Franck is a little girl who wrote a book when she was trapped in her house to escape the german occupation during the world war II.
The flower market is an unique chance to buy seeds for your garden with a great variety of tulip. But I don't know how to get back in the US, because I think that's forbidden ???
You could try cheese, the second cheese land after France. :-)
If you have time to move around, I really invit you to go to the Kroller Muller Park. Wonderfull.
There are three way to move in Amsterdam : by foot, bicycle and tramway.
There's a guide very usefull like the one in San Francisco : "Get Lost in Amsterdam!"

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