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Re: WWW9 and Validation and Manila

Author:Karl Dubost
Posted:5/17/2000; 1:22:38 AM
Topic:WWW9 and Validation and Manila
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Anyone can go to that page and validate their site--it's a very useful tool. For instance, here's what the Scripting News validation looks like.

And the scripting news home page is not valid. Thanks to Brent to have answered my question. SO it was just for the calendar part. There's in fact two considerations validity and accessibility. Validity is the respect of W3C Specs and accessibility is more about the readibility by every people. It's near usability.

There's a thing that runs in my head for 1 month. I'm very happy to read Scripting News, because I don't agree with all points developped by Dave Winer. And that's the point. It helps me to focus on my own opinions and ask myself if I need to change or stay on my line. But In one way is difficult to read Scripting News because it's formatted in a fixed way.

It could be very long to download, it could be too large if you have a small screen, etc... It could be great to have the possibility to make your own template to see Scripting News and read the way you want. Just text, or with colors you want as you customize your interface on your computer.

Is it a silly idea?

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