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Re: Napster Business Model

Author:Jim Carrico
Posted:6/28/2000; 8:24:29 AM
Topic:Napster Business Model
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In every successful revolution of the past, the 'point of no return' generally has been reached the moment that a section of the ruling group (possibly in secret) goes over to the revolutionary camp, generally to insinuate themselves at the head of it. The RIAA have established a very strong 'circle the wagons' attitude and they, along with the big retailers, are doing their best to prevent such a scenario. We shall see.

I think one of the big problems getting in the way of reaching an agreeable solution is a conversation that the record companies have been having with their IT staff, that goes something like this:

company exec: we need a secure, tamper-proof, uncopyable digital format that music fans won't be able to trade on the internet.

technology guy: with all due respect, sir, I don't think that will work.

exec: you're fired. anyone else?

technology guy no.2: (aside: let's see, $120/hr for 2 yrs = ...) I think I have a solution...

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