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MP3 toys...

Author:Mark Allerton
Posted:7/6/2000; 2:59:36 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/5/2000
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If you think the Lyra is cool, you really should take a look at Hango's PJB-100. 4.8GB or 6GB of MP3s in a package the size of a Mk.1 Sony Walkman.

The problem that most MP3 players have when compared to CD and MD personals is that unless you're extremely easily pleased, you need to manage your playlist on a daily basis or worse. The PJB-100 turns this problem on it's head - you don't need to think about your playlist at all. If you've got 1200 songs at hand, "shuffle" mode takes on a whole new dimension. This lack of effort means that I've started using the player on foot, something I'd long ago given up with old-school personal stereos.

The downsides - Price: $750 is a lot of money for a portable. Size: way larger than any other MP3 player (but smaller than a CD personal. And like I said - the same size as a Mk.1 Sony Walkman, which has got to be significant.) Software: No Windows 2000 driver yet - '98 only.

But... it's in a class of it's own. I think it really is a milestone product. Their site is at, BTW.

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