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Re: Windows ME and digital media

Author:Lawrence Lee
Posted:7/6/2000; 11:41:29 AM
Topic:Windows ME and digital media
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Well you can always download your own copy and see it for yourself (note: it's still in beta).


Excerpts from the WMP 7.0 Beta FAQ:

Consumers can copy entire CDs to their PC in just a few minutes and even listen to the CD as it's being recorded. Windows Media Format audio files give consumers CD-quality audio at half the file size of MP3.

Integrated client support for Secure Digital Music Initiative-capable Windows Media rights management technology delivers a simplified consumer experience from purchase to playback of digital media, without the need to download additional plug-ins.

The new Player includes Windows Media digital rights management (DRM) technology, just like our current 6.4 version does today. This technology provides an end-to-end solution for encrypting and distributing digital content in a secure manner on the Internet. Consumers obtain a license "key" from the distributor to play back the encrypted content. This key is provided by the Windows Media Rights Manager under the terms specified by the content provider.

Description of WMP7 in Windows ME:


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