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Re: Dave's dream

Author:Sheila Simmons
Posted:7/16/2000; 3:35:50 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/14/2000
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As if by magic, a woman appears in the scene.

Ha ha. Wow. She came down to show and tell them about the trapeze . You bet!

Paul Maritz (the guy on the left) is seriously checking it out. I think he's hooked. He's ready for her to take his hand so they can go climb up to the trapeze. He's keeping his other hand away from the guys who might want to keep him there on the stage.

The guy next to him is not into it. He's thinking, I'd grab Paul's hand and keep him here with me if he'd let me. Hey, maybe he's just not into heights though. That's ok, maybe he'd like juggling.

Ballmer is not going to try the trapeze. He likes being the biggest guy on the ground. I think he'd like to get rid of the thing, but he knows he's supposed to give the woman her time to talk.

Gates thinks the trapeze is really neat. But he's resigned to the fact that he's gotta stay on the ground with Ballmer. But maybe he'll build his own trapeze at his house. His wife and kids would probably enjoy it, too.

Palooozza (the guy on the right)... He's all: No way, this is not what was supposed to happen today. I'm not gonna look up at it. This is stupid. What does Bill think? ... But I would like to try out the trapeze. They'd just laugh at me though.

I think someone should encourage Palooozza to give it a try. ;-)

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