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Re: net negative on Frontier

Author:Ian Beatty
Posted:8/1/2000; 5:42:32 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 7/31/2000
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I am personally net-negative on UserLand, to the tune of a few million dollars...

If we had done any of these deals we would have sold out our users...

I decided that the art I do is far more important than money...

What a great thing to read to start my day.

Perhaps it would give you satisfaction to know that I had to do some very nonstandard, text-heavy data analysis for my recently-completed dissertation-from-hell, and I honestly can't imagine how I would have managed it without Frontier. I wish I had a more adequate way to say "thanks" than, well, "Thanks!"

"UserLand -- Software with Heart"?

-- Ian

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