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Re: DG Aggregation Interface

Author:Jeffery Lay
Posted:8/24/2000; 2:02:44 AM
Topic:DG Aggregation Interface
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Certainly it's possible to place that sort of front end on the system, though it would require some development work. The electronic BBS system which we use here in the Institute of Educational Technology is based loosely on a predecessor of Manila, and in fact a frontend based on a combination of the eGroups capabilities and the additional functionality that has since appeared in Manila is on the drawing board for it. Development on this project has unfortunately been halted, as I'm leaving the Open University, and I'm the only Frontier developer in this department.

The way this was to be achieved in our system would require registration to be routed through a common system - we were planning on using the People suite, already supplied with Frontier, as it's easily extensible and already has most of the required primitives.

I would be interested to know of anyone else who's developed anything along these lines, particularly if (unlike ours, unfortunately) it's open to other netizens...


-- Jeffery Lay, Project Officer (I. T. Support) The Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University.

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