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Re: More DeCSS hypocrisy

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/25/2000; 10:14:15 AM
Topic:More DeCSS hypocrisy
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P.S. Dave have you received a cease and desist letter over descramble.mp3 yet?

No. And I don't expect one, because I am well known as a critic and technology analyst with a large readership. I would be violating my ethic of disclosure to my readers. I found the MP3 by subscribing to a public mail list. A pointer arrived in my email box. I listened to the music. I felt that it was a milestone of convergence, I've felt for my whole career that music and software were going to meet up someday. Yesterday, for me, was the day. If I didn't point to it I would be negating my own faith in the values of my country, as I was taught them, in public schools, and by my ancestors, who were born in virtual slavery in Europe, and fled for their lives to this country. I promised my grandfather that when the political repression starts here, I will stand in its way. To not publish that link would be giving in to the forces of repression. I won't do that.

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