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Re: after-Seybold Beer event

Author:Philip Suh
Posted:8/27/2000; 9:04:41 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/27/2000
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Doc asks if there's a beer event planned for Tuesday. I'm glad Doc will be there. Maybe he'll bring Eric Raymond and we can talk about Mac users and developers being doooomed. I'm sure there will be a few of them at Seybold.

About the beer, good question. I'm no good at planning these things. There used to be a Chevy's down the street from Moscone. I seem to remember it being torn down. I'd love to go somewhere for dinner and more schmoozing after talking about the Y2K Mind Bombs. Does someone have an idea? I'm open source on this. Easy to please.

Dave--they moved the chevy's--it's now on the corner of 3rd and Howard, a block from the old location at 4th and Howard. Chevy's is good, but I'm a fan of Thirsty Bear , which is maybe twenty more yards away and has excellent tapas.

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