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Two things from today's SN

Posted:8/27/2000; 9:22:51 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 8/27/2000
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OK, today's Scripting news has been good reading and has prompted two things from me.

First, a question

I'll be visiting SF towards the end of September, a stopover on my way to London. I'm on a road trip for the first coupla days but I will have one or two days to roam around the city on my own.

Are there any conferences/BOF/whatever on at the time. I have always been jealous of the shwag people get from these things. My time has come damnit!

Second, a response

I don't like being called a hacker. And today I realised I don't like being called an artist. I think the term conveys more meaning than what I actually do for a living. I've written a little rant on my site about it, as I hear that's the appropriate thing to do. Now I'm not saying software development isn't art...well, actually I pretty much am, but I spose what different people consider art is all really personal opinion.

Wow, a third

I realise now, I also don't like thinking of myself as a "barking, farting chihuahua". For two reasons:

Firstly (and most importantly) it is disrespectful to my mother who always told me to respect others and to treat them like I would be treated. I personally despise any dog smaller than my parent's daschund and I don't want to think of people the way I think of such dogs.

Secondly, I may bark, but I can fart better than any chihuahua (see the above link). Dave, could you please change it the phrase to "barking, farting St Bernard".

That's about it

Hope everyone has a nice evening.

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