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Re: Music and software

Author:Dan Mitchell
Posted:9/12/2000; 5:04:42 PM
Topic:Music and software
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to continue the thinking...

The newsgroup is not the same thing as the software. In fact, this discussion could take place without the software at all.

A weak analogy might be to think of, say, the piano being like the software that supports the discussion. No one thinks that the piano IS a great piece or performance of music.

At the same time we do recognize the brilliance and creativity that went into the technical achievement of the modern piano.

On another note (unintentional pun...), I _didn't_ see the repetition of my assertions as having that much meaning. In fact, at the time I puzzled a _lot_ about what you meant by "notation" in the context of software... and finally just decided not to go there.

Take care.


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