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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:9/21/2000; 8:24:34 AM
Topic:Asking Tim
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Leader or not, I'm still a creative person. I take risks all the time, I publish specs and encourage competition. I assume that the competition will be fair. Look at today's Scripting News for an idea of what I do.

In the discussion around music on the Internet, I've come to understand the artist's viewpoint. They want people to show care for their creative work. That's the biggest repeating theme. And as I listen to that, I want the same for my work.

It is about both "we" and "me". We supported O'Reilly, and never would have moved forward without their buy-in and support. Because we weren't getting it, I assumed RSS was frozen. It was a really horrible sinking feeling when they moved without our buy-in.

And your advice applies, I think, equally to Tim O'Reilly, who's as much a leader as I am. What's the big picture? Is RSS really that important? Is it more important to have a trustworthy process for sharing intellectual work using the Internet as a collaborative medium?

I wish O'Reilly weren't so involved, then we could ask Tim his objective opinion. I wish I hadn't been involved, I wish it was someone else's creative work, then I could say it's wrong, without having the finger pointed back at me. That's the disconnect for me. We trusted O'Reilly because of their public position on open standards.

Whatever, if you have personal advice for me, you have to know a lot more about me and what I do than I think you do. Personal advice sucks for that reason, you don't really know that much about me, or what I want to do, or how I do it.

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