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Re: DreamWeaver 2.0?
Posted:11/10/1998; 6:14:05 AM
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Macromedia opened a private beta yesterday to its focus group members. Overall it seems to be a solid upgrade.

Tables are finally easy to work with with zero cell/spacing/padding/border.

Templates seem to work like this: you make an html document, and save it as a template. You then define editable regions and resave.

I haven't seen (or read) anything about incorporating logic into the templates (like you can with Frontier's scripting), but there's a lot of stuff to get through - Dreamweaver 1.0 was pretty customizavle with javascript, I would not be surprised if template logic was achieved with javascript.

Anyway - it will be a couple weeks before I'll start thinking about Dreamweaver 2.0 & Frontier as a combo.

(P.S. - Dreamweaver still isn't scriptable on the Mac)

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