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Version Control (Was: Dave an idea for Frontier)

Author:Adam Trachtenberg
Posted:11/19/1998; 8:34:06 AM
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> So please get in the habit of asking each other for features that don't relate to web content management.

Version control certainly does relate to Web content management. What happens in a multi-developer environment when one producer accidently deletes or overwrites some important template or story? How do you recover changes?

Our original production system for used CVS to maintain diffs of every article and template on the site. We didn't need it as often as we thought we would, but it was a major lifesavor when we did. The latest production system abandonded CVS because the content is now all stored in a db and CVS only works with files. While we introduced a series of 2 hour snapshot backups (largely after someone deleted all the changes to the article since the morning) and have staging and live servers, just yesterday I needed to readd some code when another producer updated a template with an older version he made some modifications to.

Now, version control is far from sexy or even necessary, but it certainly is helpful. That doesn't mean Frontier should add it, that's up to you and your customers. Just wanted to contribute my experiences then version control and Web publishing.

(Also, as a side note, our other family of Web sites TVGrid.Com <http://[www,express.searchtv,getwild,student]> is completely managed in CVS. But, that's not a content site like Student.Com and doesn't require the low editing level of a production system. It is pretty cool and geeky, however.)


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