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Re: Thanks to Frontier users!

Author:Vitor Conceicao
Posted:11/26/1998; 12:30:28 PM
Topic:Happy Thanksgiving!
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Here in Brazil people don't even know there is a holliday like thanksgiving in the US, but since I've been in the states on one thanksgiving and the spirit is around most of the web today here are my thanks...

Thanks Dave for all the spirited writing and the community you built around Frontier, Scripting News and Davenet in these last four (four? five?) years.

Thanks all you from Userland for the great software and sheer power you give us.

Thanks to all Davenet and Scripting news readers (famous or not) who enrich the site and all the discussions with great and enriching opinions instead of the more common flame wars on other communities.

Thanks to all involved with the Open Source movement for working so hard developing great software just for the love for it.

And finally thanks Jon Postel for all he's done for the Internet.

Happy Thanksgiving, Vitor Conceição Brazil

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