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Well, whaddaya know?

Author:Brett Glass
Posted:11/26/1998; 4:53:22 PM
Topic:Happy Thanksgiving!
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It's LBBS all over again.

In any event, I'm thankful that I've finally met the woman of my dreams. (You can catch a glimpse of her here.

I also remember when, about this time in 1984, Dave had me write interrupt-driven serial port code so that he could port LBBS to the PC. The first time I tested it on Dave's Compaq luggable, there was a bad I/O port address in the DX register and the code hit the video display instead of the serial port. The screen went nuts; the refresh rate had somehow been set way too high. I rebooted the machine quickly to avoid damage. But Dave said, "Ooooh. That's cool. Let's see that again."

He ran it again, and this time the internal monitor died with a "Pop!" and a faint whiff of ozone.

Notwithstanding my wild experiences and butting heads with Dave, I have a lot to thank him for, too.

Had I not gone to work for him, I would have gone over to the dark side. I'd been offered a job by Steve Ballmer... of Microsoft.

--Brett Glass

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