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Re: Happy Thanksgiving!

Author:Alex Yourke
Posted:11/27/1998; 9:18:05 PM
Topic:Happy Thanksgiving!
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I'm thankful to be in a loving marriage that is loosening the ties of childhood beliefs and improving our ability to communicate and understand responsibility.

I'm thankful to have a job that challenges me in an enjoyable way.

I'm thankful for our network of friends.

I'm thankful to see a therapist that fits my needs, a sort of "professional adult".

I'm thankful to have rediscovered and nurtured enough of my own will and voice to move out from a yoga cult that was once the center of my life.

I'm thankful to be waking up to the sometimes painful realities of my parents, and my relationship to them.

I'm thankful my sister is happily married.

I'm thankful to the development of the World Wide Web, and the cultural transformation that I can participate in.

I'm thankful to be reading what Dave Winer is writing.

I'm hopeful that the Age of Information may, in the next century, pave the way for the Age of Movement.

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