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Re: Is John Doerr Untouchable?

Author:John Dowdell
Posted:11/27/1998; 8:21:54 PM
Topic:Anti-trust problem or opportunity?
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"I think the blame goes to the people with the money who have very limited imaginations. Not a contrarian bet anywhere in sight, but the conventional wisdom is so often wrong or late."

It's reasonable that investors would play safely, because so much of their winnings are confiscated... the rate of return on an investment is reduced from its natural level by the political branch.

The DOJ investigation of Microsoft (among other things) reduces the funds available for investing in new technology. In a sense, Reno is encouraging hegemony, although she gets the press for doing otherwise. It will just be a nice, safe, hegemony.

j "contrarian enough for ya?" d

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