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Re: Websites with menus

Author:Ian Beatty
Posted:12/1/1998; 9:07:01 AM
Topic:What if there were a third browser?
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To me, it sounds like beal.robb's "metaphor" could be achieved by downloading a Java applet at your "site" home page, which contains the site's interface, with menus and windows and all, and which calls back to the site server as necessary for page content (perhaps via xml)? Basically, you're using Java to write a customized browswer for your site.

For this to be useful to site developers in general, there would have to exist tools and templates to make authoring such an applet-plus-content easy. And the resulting lack of user-interface consistency could be a nightmare. I'm not advocating this approach, just speculating.

But we're not really talking HTML browsers anymore, but customized XML/etc. browsers delivered through HTTP/HTML and Java...


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