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Re: I have a dream... (About Email) :-)

Author:Tim Moore
Posted:12/5/1998; 10:04:26 AM
Topic:I have a dream... (About Email) :-)
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First, I think you mean SMTP, which is the Simple Mail Transport Protocol. SNMP is the simple network management protocol, which has nothing to do with mail.

Second, IMAP is also a fetch-only protocol, so even if you did have access to an IMAP server, you would still need to be able to access an SMTP server.

Third, I'm not sure what you mean by using Exchange to "bounce" email. If you mean relaying (which is using an SMTP host to send mail that is neither originating from its network or destined to it) then most sysadmins do turn it off, since its commonly exploited by spammers :-(

Fourth, you're right about mailto links. If you use a Mac, you could probably actually cobble together something in Frontier to make it do that, actually, because Netscape is pretty scriptable. If you don't, I'm not sure.

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