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I have a dream... (About Email) :-)

Author:William Crim
Posted:12/4/1998; 3:00:42 PM
Topic:I have a dream... (About Email) :-)
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I use Yahoo Mail. I really like it. I just wish that I could use with my browser's "mailto" links. It would be really nice if I could set up my browser to use it.

If the various web-email places could decide on a simple standard, then the browser makers could just send it a simple redirect when it gets a "mailto" link.

I can see a neat use for XML here if web mail and web browser makers agreeing on a standard. I know that if I had a little better integration between Netscape and Netcenter Web-Mail, I would would switch all my mail over to Netcenter in a heartbeat. :-)

P.S. Just a general rant, I hate firewalls that restrict SNMP going out. I also hate that I can't use MS-Exchange server to "bounce" email off of it like I can with Sendmail. Maybe you can and my sysadmins just restricted it. Either way I still hate it. ;-) I can't use Eudora or anything because it can GET mail with POP, but needs SNMP to send the mail, and I don't have access to an IMAP server either. Life bites...

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