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Re: Edit this page - Cool!

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:12/7/1998; 7:15:30 AM
Topic:Messages with Enclosures
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I did a very simple news editorial publishing system [demo] a month or so ago (6 hours in Frontier- GO USERLAND!!) which did store the history of edits for an article. Whenever an editor logs in, he/she can edit a story, and when the edit goes through, it also duplicates the data in a [storyname].edits.00x table. Then when viewing an article's history, an editor can roll it back to any stage of it's development. Oh- the rollback is appended to the history, so it's really a bring-forward, not a roll-back. ;-)

Thanks Userland for a rockin' toolset.


O.K., I had to go back and change it, just because I can. Oh, and to fix typos.

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