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URLs for Images

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/7/1998; 8:29:12 AM
Topic:Messages with Enclosures
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I'm working on this this morning, when I'm done you'll be able to reference an object that's attached to a message thru a URL. I'll explain later when it's done.

As for the mechanism, it's XML-RPC. It's open, any tool that supports XML-RPC, be it a graphics editor or HTML editor or JavaScript editor, whatever, can be linked into the editorial system.

That's not actually such a big leap, since Frontier supports XML-RPC, and Frontier can connect up to content tools on the Mac via Apple Events, and (soon) via COM on Windows.

Of course we'd like Adobe, Macromedia, Metacreations, Cyberstudio, et al to directly wire in thru XML-RPC. But even if they don't, there will be WebDAV. And COM and Apple Events.


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