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Re: Would you do some work for more hits? (Would they?!)

Author:Wesley Felter
Posted:12/7/1998; 8:12:19 PM
Topic:Would you do some work for more hits?
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Yet another reason to run your own server...

There's a widespread assumption among people who develop client-side HTTP software that the server is always configured wrong, and thus most software won't support any feature that isn't in the default configuration of IIS and Apache from two years ago.

I've even seen software recently that uses some custom file format but doesn't bother to define a MIME type for it, presumably under the assumption that no one would configure their Web server to use that MIME type anyway. As a Webmaster who actually knows (and cares) how to set up my server, I find that insulting.

The end result of such an attitude is that, on the HTTP level, the Web is essentially stuck. Of all the useful features that have been added over the last few years, almost none of them are available to users. But since users demand to see new features anyway, they all get hacked into browsers (usually in the form of JavaScript and plug-ins) and the result is a mess.

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