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Idea: Send this message to my inbox

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:12/8/1998; 10:19:08 AM
Topic:Idea: Send this message to my inbox
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When you're entering a message, it would be nice if there was a checkbox, "Send this message to my inbox".

At first I was thinking a CC: box would be nice, but people would exploit that in negative ways.

But if you could get an e-mail copy of a message you post, with an URL at the top to the discussion group, you could Forward it to whoever you want to send a copy to.

Also, it would be very nice (especially in an editorial environment) if you got an e-mail (optionally) when someone responded to your message. In a work environment, where editorial work is only part of my job, I wouldn't want to be glued to the BBS all day. ;-)


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